The Struggle is Real

First post…’s early in the morning the kids are still asleep. I just got back from a spin class, so bear with me, this could be just all the endorphins but while I was sweating I was thinking #thestruggleisreal. Yes, the struggle is real!

Don’t get me wrong, I love my workouts, it’s my therapy, both mentally and physically. But I love food, and I love to sleep in. I started going to my spin class back in March of 2015, and I was hooked. Not until a year after did I realize that I needed to change my diet as well to get  the results I was looking for. I enjoy cooking, all kinds of foods, and it’s fascinating to me to try different kinds of recipes. But if you’re trying to lose weight it’s a struggle to find a balance between yummy and low-calorie. Also I’m a huge carbivore. Coming from Eastern Europe, a piece of bread is worth its weight in gold. Give me bread over any meal and I’m happy. So I’m questioning, why is bread bad? Isn’t it all natural? Hum, I’ve got to do a little Google research. I also have to say that the studio where I work out is a huge source of motivation for me. I see most of the same people day in day out and everyone is helpful and encouraging. They help me be a better mother, a better wife and all in a better version of myself, besides make me sweat. In the meantime I’ve got 20lb. more that I would like to shed, go to Paris and probably gain it all back with all the yummy fully loaded calories.

Another struggle for me, is work life balance. I have 3 kids, 17, 14 and 6 years old, so they keep me busy. I’m sure just like any other parent. I’m also trying to get my photography business up and going. Which is all me, the doer, the photographer, the retoucher, the studio manger, but at the moment mostly I’m the procrastinator!

Most of my family and friends know I’m not very chatty, but I do feel that I have to push myself sometimes to get out of my own way. Hopefully, this blog will help me do that, and maybe it will relate for some of you and help us connect.

Thank you always. Cheers!